Indo European Co-operation on Renewable Energy Scalable CSP Optimized Power Plant Engineered
with Biomass Integrated Gasification
Funded By EU


Year 1

Project Initiation


  • Identified and procured an appropriate land
  • Completed all the formalities regarding land
  • Formally inaugrated land with a ground breaking event
  • Created and designed a brochure both in English and Hindi
  • Designed and launched the website

Year 2

Detailed Engineering & Site Initiation

  • Levelling land site
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Ordering plant equipment  
  • Procuring balance component for plant
  • Developing site infrastructure (Warehouse construction, water reservoir, office buildings etc.)

Year 3

Erection and Commissioning of the Plant

  • Testing & inspection of components, integration activities, functional performance tests, documentation on plant operation 
  • Developing business models for solar-biomass technologies

Year 4

Performance Monitoring & Data Analysis

  • Conducting plant performance analysis and documentation
  • Studying impact of the plant on the local beneficiaries
  • Advocating policy process with Bihar Govt. and Government of India on solar-biomass technologies
  • Building the capacity of local people in the area of plant related activities by ensuring employment. 

Year 5

Dissemination of Data & Learning's

  • Solar-Biomass plant optimisation studies 
  • Outreach activities such as conducting workshops, meetings to disseminate project information 
  • Development of computational tools for evaluating Solar-hybrid systems 

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