Indo European Co-operation on Renewable Energy Scalable CSP Optimized Power Plant Engineered
with Biomass Integrated Gasification
Funded By EU

About Scopebig

SCOPEBIG envisages to provide support for India’s national policies and programmes towards the growth of renewable energy.

The project has charted out broad objectives and some specific objectives

Broad Objectives are to:

  • Promote a conducive, sustainable and inclusive growth by developing solar thermal and biomass technologies for application to rural India in collaboration with EU
  • Create viable business models and conducive policy environment for proliferation of these technologies  large numbers

Specific Objectives include:

  • Design, develop and operate a 3 MW Solar Thermal - Biomass hybrid power plant in Bihar
  • Develop scalable models for wider dissemination
  • Build capacity and provide training on solar and biomass technologies
  • Share relevant knowledge between India and EU
  • Work with central and state governments to create a conducive policy environment



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